Fit Antibody Agrisera

Agrisera IncuBlocker (chicken antibody)

AS16-3214 2 x 50 ml
EUR 130

Agrisera Plant Antibodies Laboratories manufactures the fit antibody agrisera reagents distributed by Genprice. The Fit Antibody Agrisera reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Agrisera Plant Antibodies. Other Fit products are available in stock. Specificity: Fit Category: Antibody Group: Agrisera

Agrisera IncuBlocker (rabbit antibody, 2x100 ml)

2x100 ml
EUR 130

Agrisera IncuBlocker Wash Buffer (1L)

EUR 113

Agrisera Universal Stabilizer (10 ml)

10 ml
EUR 13

Agrisera Universal Stabilizer (100 ml)

100 ml
EUR 179

Agrisera WestBlock/Secondary/ECL offer

EUR 31

True Blue

EUR 595

True Blue

10mg Ask for price
Description: True Blue

Agrisera information

Agrisera ELISA Secondary/ECL/blocking set (trial pack)

AS19-ELISA-set-10 each
EUR 31

Agrisera ELISA Secondary/TMB/blocking set (trial pack)

AS19-ELISATMBset-10 each
EUR 31

AgriseraECL Bright (100 ml)

AS16-ECL-N-100 2 x 50 ml
EUR 102

AgriseraECL Bright (1L)

AS16-ECL-N-1L 2 x 500 ml
EUR 542

AgriseraTMB Diluent (100 ml)

AS15-Diluent 100 ml
EUR 83

AgriseraTMB HRP Substrate (10 ml)

AS15-TMB-HRP-10 10 ml
EUR 10

AgriseraTMB HRP Substrate (100 ml)

AS15-TMB-HRP-100 100 ml
EUR 288

AgriseraTMB HRP Substrate (1L)

EUR 475

AgriseraECL Bright (10 ml trial pack)

AS16-ECL-N-10 2 x 5 ml
EUR 12

AgriseraECL SuperBright (100 ml)

AS16-ECL-S-100 2 x 50 ml
EUR 143

AgriseraECL SuperBright (1L)

AS16-ECL-S-1L 2 x 500 ml
EUR 743

AgriseraELISA SuperBright (100 ml)

AS18-ELISA-ECL-100 2 x 50 ml
EUR 211

AgriseraELISA SuperBright (1L)

AS18-ELISA-ECL-1L 2 x 500 ml
EUR 1359

AgriseraECL SuperBright (10 ml trial pack)

AS16-ECL-S-10 2 x 5 ml
EUR 16

AgriseraELISA SuperBright (10 ml trial pack)

AS18-ELISA-ECL-10 2 x 5 ml
EUR 26

HA, FITC-conjugated (chicken antibody)

AS20-4464 0,1 mg
EUR 302

AgriCoat-Block | Non mammalian Protein Coat Block (5X) (10 ml)

AS18-AgriCtBlock-10 10 ml
EUR 13